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Blissera’s vacuum lifting technology is better suited for low-rise buildings – a segment, that is mostly missing vertical transportation solutions, yet has a noticeable need with multi-floor housing becoming mainstream. 

A new trend has emerged in the construction industry – "growing small", meaning growing vertically and shrinking in footprint. Due to rising costs of land (lot), it is now increasingly expensive to build ranch style single-story houses. As a result, multi-story homes are becoming mainstream, and, from 2018 to this day, there were twice as many multi-story houses-built vs single-story ranch style.

Modern trend in residential buildings, where single family occupies multiple floors

The cost of a multi-story house for the same square footage is lower not only due to the smaller and cheaper lot, but also because of a smaller foundation and a smaller roof, which are the most expensive parts of a house. Lot prices are growing twice the rate of inflation, so, naturally, building multi-story became a cost-effective alternative to ranch-style housing. The only drawback is that people have to run up and down the stairs inside their living space quite often. This is a compromise that many residents are willing to make in lieu of a lower cost of their estate. For some residents this compromise works, for others – they have to settle with a more expensive single floor living. What if this drawback can be eliminated and household can regain its freedom and an unhindered access to the entire vertical living space?


Imagine all townhouses and private houses in America, Europe and elsewhere, with rising trend of multi-floor living, imagine all small office and residential buildings, shopping malls, business centers – they all need compact and elegant elevator solution, which is economical, easily installable, has small footprint, is safe and can nicely fit into the interior. Such solution would become a standard, must-have appliance, like a washing machine or a refrigerator that should be an integral part of modern living.


Millions of elderlies, disabled, overweight, or simply people struggling with mobility, that gave-up on living in multi-floor spaces due to absence of a viable vertical transportation, could benefit from living in more affordable multi-floor spaces, having a personal and compact elevator installed in every unit. In the meantime, multi-floor construction is growing and becoming popular and mainstream.

Growing number of multi-floor housing units with an option of having a safe, compact, elegant and affordable elevator in each unit - may be a completely overlooked market opportunity with large number of homeowners and renters in need for a viable personal elevator solution. These people in need of vertical lift in their homes became our heroes. With an ever-increasing number of overweight, disabled, elderly or simply challenged with stairs, the size of this market is millions of potential users worldwide.


Blissera’s vacuum lifting technology is better suited for low-rise buildings – a segment, that is mostly missing vertical transportation solutions, but has a noticeable need with a growing trend of multi-floor living.

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