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Your freedom of  Vertical Living​


Few years ago I was building our

family summerhouse in my birth-

country – Armenia. I wanted my

parents to visit my family often

and stay in our house. Problem

was that all the bedrooms were located on the second floor, which would require my parents to go up and down the stairs quite often. Considering their age and related health issues, It was challenging for my parents to fully use the upstairs and downstairs. Hence I started looking for commercial elevator to buy. After searching for existing home elevator products, I came to conclusion that the market lacks elegant, safe and convenient solutions for home elevators and this market niche is practically empty. All solutions were poorly echoing commercial models, which are neither “personal”, nor “compact”, nor “quiet”, nor “sleek”.

(from the founder)

We started in a garage, putting together a concept prototype

One day a memory suddenly flashed in front of my eyes – recalled years back walking the isles of Costco warehouse and seeing a cashier inserting checks and cash into a capsule, which is then was being shot up through a vacuum tube – off to the central office for collection. Voilà, that’s it! Your subconcious may surprise you sometimes.

After having done some rough calculations on paper, it turned out that physics of the “vacuum elevator” should work, and it looked good, at least on paper.


I invited my friend, a mechanical engineer, to help me in the Proof of Concept for my elevator project. We put together a scaled-down concept-prototype of the elevator in my garage. 

Soon we were lifting heavy weights without hick-ups. It worked, and it worked nicely! Once we achieved this milestone, we entered the next phase – building a full-scale technology prototype.


Scaffold in the Hoistway is for safety of installation crew, to be removed after installation

Blissera develops personal vacuum elevators for low-rise residential and commercial property.  Our vacuum elevators are the safest, the most compact, the fastest, the smoothest, energy efficient, quiet, elegant and eco-friendly solution of Star Trek technology in your home or office.

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