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Early Bird Orders

What are the benefits of Early Bird order?

As Early Bird customer, you will get the following benefits: - 30% product discount ($10K - $30K savings, depending on the model and custom features) - Free installation ($18K - $20K savings) - Free maintenance for life ($12K - $20K savings over the course of 10 years) Total savings from this offer amounts to ​$40K - $70K, based on the model and order amount.

Why is Blissera offering such a substantial discount and savings to Early Bird customers?

We are a startup company and our commercial efforts in the Bay Area are at initial stages. We ask you to place a trust in us and order your fantastic Blissera Elevator now. Early customer trust will help us attract additional venture financing, in order to enhance our manufacturing capacity and production volumes. In return, we offer substantial benefits to all Early Bird customers, amounting to $40K - $70K in total savings.​ You are the pillar of our customer success, hence our special thank you to you, who help building Blissera brand.

How many Early Bird spots do you currently have?

We have limited the number of Early Bird customers to 100. After this number is filled up, this limited time offer will expire.

How is the collected downpayment going to be used by Blissera?

The collected downpayment will be used towards manufacturing elevator parts for Early Bird customers and showroom models.

What if the majority of Early Bird customers are not impressed with showroom models and they request their money back? How is Blissera going to pay them, as the downpayment may be used by then?

In an unlikely scenario that we fail to impress with showroom models, we have sufficient financial resources, assets and insurance to refund all customers. However, we are confident in our ability to impress our customers and exceed customers expectations with our showroom models. This is a fact, based on our first-hand experience with earlier Blissera Elevator prototypes and achieved performance results so far.

Will Blissera make money from Early Bird customer orders?

No, we will not make money from Early Bird customer orders, but we are looking forward to building a happy customer base, who may become the pillars of customer success story and, hopefully, help us building brand awareness and growth - to the benefit of our customers.

What steps shall Early Bird customers take for ordering a Blissera Elevator now?

Please fill-in the order form on the PREORDER page and select options of your choice, in order to estimate your order amount. Early Bird discount will be applied to your order, if you qualify.
Submit your preorder and schedule a time for one of our associates to contact you over the phone or a zoom meeting, to answer all questions you might have, also to assess if your house is eligible for Blissera Elevator installation.
Once you are eligible and ready to place an order, we will sign a purchase and installation order agreement and present you with payment instructions for making the downpayment for your order. We look forward to your joining Blissera's fantastic vertical ride.

Is it possible to upgrade or downgrade a preorder?

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your model, as long as you do so prior to transitioning from preorder phase to the order phase. This transition is scheduled to happen within 6 months from your preorder date. For example, it is possible for you to preorder the Elbrus model, however, after visiting and experiencing the showroom models, you may choose to upgrade your order to Kilimanjaro. Rest assured, the Early Bird benefits, that were applied to your preorder, will continue to be applicable to your upgraded or downgraded order as well. Important to note, that after your order is confirmed (within 6 months from your preorder date) and you submit an additional downpayment, bringing your total downpayment to 50% terms, we may not be able to upgrade or downgrade your order free of charge. The reason is that we incur manufacturing costs that are specific to your particular order and can not be reused for other orders due to custom measurements in each individual order.