Preorder now and claim:

– price discount

– free installation

– maintenance for life


How Preorder Works

  1.  You place an Early Bird order to purchase an Elbrus or Kilimanjaro elevator model and pay 20% downpayment at a discounted price of your customized order (savings of $5K and more on price discount).

  2. Within 6 months from the date of your order we will invite you to our showroom in the Bay Area to get first-hand experience riding Blissera Elevator and checking out our elevator products. If you are not completely satisfied or you change your mind about your order, we will fully refund your downpayment amount to you, no questions asked. If you like what you see and your expectations are met or exceeded, we will ask you to make additional 30% payment of your order amount, so we can custom-manufacture your order related elevator constructive parts.

  3. We will also file for all appropriate permits on your behalf to obtain alteration and installation permits. You will cover the cost of necessary city and state permit fees and we will administer the paperwork.

    We will also invite a general contractor to implement alterations to your installation site, if any, prior to installing a Blissera Elevator model. You will cover the cost of alteration works performed by this independent general contractor. Alternatively, you may choose to select your own general contractor to perform alteration works per our requirements.  


  4. We will install Blissera Elevator in your site free of installation charges (additional $18K - $20K savings). You will make the final payment of the remainder of your order balance. Enjoy your vertical ride and a lifetime free maintenance of your fantastic Blissera elevator (additional $12K - $20K in savings from discounts on installation and maintenance).




Fill this preorder form and select the desired options to estimate price of your customized elevator. Preorder now and reserve your spot of Early Bird owner of Blissera Vacuum Elevator. 


Act now to get the benefits of this limited time offer and unlock savings of up to $60K. If you are not completely satisfied, will refund your money back, no questions asked. All prices are in USD.

Elevator base model


Selection of the base model allows you to choose a base line of your elevator model. It defines the elevator footprint and the rated load. Details of baseline models and specifications are provided on the Solutions page. 

Elbrus 1.png

Elbrus - 2 floors, 

2 people, 450 lbs

Kilimanjaro 1.jpg

Kilimanjaro - up to 5 floors,

4 people, 900 lbs, wheelchair, double-entry, speed and other options

Everest - up to 30 floors,

14 people, 3,000 lbs, wheelchair, multiple

entries, other options

Speed Rating


All models by default are equipped with Standard speed rating, Optionally, you can upgrade  to more speedier options. The same speed option means different speed rating for different base models.

For example, the Standard speed for Elbrus model is rated at 12"/sec, while for Kilimanjaro it is 20"/sec and for Everest model it is rated at 40"/sec.

The Elbrus model has only one speed option - the default Standard rating. The Express speed option for Kilimanjaro is rated at 30"/sec and for Everest - at 80"/sec. The Turbo speed option for Kilimanjaro is rated at 40"/sec and for Everest - at 120"/sec.

The speed upgrades are usually implemented by adding the second motor-compressor unit.


Number of floors for this installation



The Elbrus base model comes with only 2-floor version, while Kilimanjaro can be configured to up to 5 floors high, and the Everest model can be configured up to 30 floors high.

Your installation ZIP code (temporarily CA only)


Please enter the Zip code of the address, intended for the elevator installation. Since at this stage we operate freely in the state of California, your zip code will allow us to estimate the costs of transportation of elevator parts and the cost of field operations outside the state of California. Inside California the transportation costs and field operational costs are included in the installation package and in your invoice will appear as free of charge.



This Subtotal amount includes:

- the price of the base model with all options selected

This Subtotal amount does not include:

- installation fees (one-time fee during installation)

- maintenance fee (monthly or yearly installments after installation)

- discount (discount on price , installation and maintenance)

- sales and use taxes (depends on the state of local jurisdiction)

Installation price


The Installation price gets calculated and is shown in this box above and right.

For Early Bird customers, also depending on the terms of Early Bird promotion, and the amount of downpayment, the price of installation may be discounted partially or entirely. The amount of discount is applied at the Discount line

Early Bird downpayment


The downpayment amount for early bird customers determines the benefits that customers get as part of their early orders of Company's products. 


More is the downpayment, more are the perks and benefits for early customers. As a rule of thumb, Company "doubles-down" on the downpayment amount, matching the discounted price with the amount of downpayment, up to the full amount of remaining product price payment amount after the downpayment. In addition, the Company offers substantial discounts on installation and maintenance, up to free installation and free lifetime maintenance for 100% downpayment. 

The downpayment amount is fully refundable prior finalizing your order, within the first six months following your order date. Upon our invitation and your visit to our Bay Area showroom and your test-riding Blissera elevators in-person, we can can finalize your order. If you are not fully satisfied, whether with look and feel or performance of our elevator products, you may cancel your order at the time of your visit to our Bay Area showroom, and we will refund your downpayment, no questions asked.

Once you confirm the order and it is finalized, we will start custom-manufacturing elevator parts, specific to your order, and, after that point, your order will no longer be eligible for refund.


Early Bird discount 

-- 15,890.00

Our products are scheduled to showcase in the Bay Area showroom in Q3'2021 and start shipping to installation sites in Q4'2021. Your early bird order now with a 20% downpayment will help us to achieve the following goals :

- carefully plan and manufacture sufficient parts for early bird orders

- attract additional financial resources for strengthening operations,
In return, we offer substantial benefits for early bird customers - savings starting from $40K and up, including a discounted price, FREE installation and FREE lifetime maintenance.

TOTAL before tax.

(does not include alteration and installation costs)


The TOTAL amount does include:

- the price of the base model with all options

- the early-bird product price discount

- the early-bird installation discount

The price of lifetime maintenance and its discount are not reflected in the final price, but are included in the contract and will be invoiced accordingly.

The TOTAL amount does not include:

- permits cost for alterations and remodeling, invoiced individually

- alteration costs, that are depending on the project specifics

- optional features that can be finalized later

The total savings for early-bird customers are amounting to $40K and more, depending on the selected model, installation options and the downpayment amount.


Act now, to get the benefits of this limited time offer.

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